Festival Schedule

The BAND Festival Schedule 2017

Friday, 23rd June

Time Venue Band
18:30 Molly's Bar Jackson Rox
18:30 The Oyster The Hot Tamales
19:00 Arnold's Hotel Jody Gallagher
19:00 Golf Club The Hillbilly Rednecks
19:00 Patsy's Geordie McAdam
19:30 Holy Trinity Church Niall Toner Solo   
21:00 The Shandon Hotel Daylight Wobblies
21:00 Patsy's Alec Somerville
21:30 Molly's Bar Erdini
21:30 The Oyster Mules 'n' Men
22:00 Arnold's Hotel Unholy Gospel Band
22:30 The Shibeen Two Time Polka

Saturday, 24th June

Time Venue Band
14:00 The Oyster Bluegrass Session   
15:00 Arnold's Hotel Alec Somerville
15:00 The Shibeen Dance Session   
15:00 The Courtyard Barry & Michael
15:00 The Oyster Geordie McAdam
16:00 Café Arnou The Hideaways
17:00 The Listening Room at Molly's Brian & Cathryn   
18:00 The Oyster Ian Smith
18:00 Patsy's Erdini
18:30 Arnold's Hotel Two Time Polka
18:30 Molly's Bar The Dirty Beggars
19:00 Muck n Muffins Geordie McAdam
19:00 Muck n Muffins Alec Somerville
19:00 The Shibeen The Hillbilly Rednecks
19:00 The Listening Room at Molly's Gerry Creen   
20:00 Roonies Niall Toner Band   
21:00 Patsy's Rev. Neil Down
22:00 The Oyster Erdini
22:00 Arnold's Hotel The Wonderboys
22:00 Molly's Bar Mules 'n' Men
22:30 The Shibeen The Dirty Beggars

Sunday, 25th June

Time Venue Band
13:00 The Roving BAND The Dirty Beggars   
14:30 Molly's Bar Two Time Polka
15:00 Arnold's Hotel The Hillbilly Rednecks
15:00 Courtyard Barry & Michael
15:00 The Shandon Hotel Mules 'n' Men
15:30 The Oyster Daylight Wobblies
16:00 Café Arnou Alec Somerville
17:00 The Listening Room at Molly's Brian & Cathryn   
18:00 The Oyster Eilidh Patterson
18:00 Patsy's The Hideaways
18:30 Molly's Bar Ian Smith
19:00 Arnold's Hotel The Dirty Beggars
19:00 The Listening Room at Molly's Gerry Creen   
21:00 The Oyster Mules 'n' Men
21:00 Patsy's The Hot Tamales
22:00 Arnold's Hotel Declan McClafferty

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